Prepare the base

Remove the extra and or existing real lawn to a depth of 80mm ready to fill with 70mm blue metal dust. For car parking area, we would recommend dig out 100mm and fill up 90mm blue metal dust.


  • apply weeds killer around the edge if the site had real lawn before
  • cap all the sprinklers and test it make sure there is no water leaking
Install the base foundation

Fill up the area with blue metal dust, spread water then using compactor compact the area. Use leveling tolls/bar screed the area.


  • compact the base minimum twice
  • make sure the site is perfect level before laying the turf
  • leave the base level 15-20mm lower to the paving/concrete edge before laying the turf
Install the turf

Lay the turf down and cut leave about 50mm around the edge. Put the joining tape under, make the joint, put pins across the joints and edges.


  • it would be ideal if you could unroll the turf and leave on site overnight before installing
  • make the joint and trim the edging in the morning when the temperature is down
  • It is very important to ensure the grain is running in the same direction when laying out the full pieces of lawn.
  • put pins each 100mm along the joints and 500mm along the edge
  • do not trap the turf blade under the pins


Infill sand on the turf

spead kiln dried silica sand on top the synthetic turf, brush against the pile with hard brush broom. spread water on the turf to clean up the dust on turf.


  • minimum 5kg per sqm silica sand required
  • use blower blow the area where had extra silica sand

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